The Cell is Looped!

Due to the generous donations of audio engineer Mike Langner and a patron who wishes to remain anonymous, The Cell Theatre is now equipped with a state-of-the-art assistive listening Audio Induction Loop System for the hearing impaired. 

By using this system, patrons will hear exceptionally clear, well-articulated voices throughout each performance. To enjoy the benefits of our system, either request a Loop Listener Receiver from the box office, or, if you have hearing aids, simply switch on the “T-Coil” in your hearing aid. If you have hearing aids and either don’t know if your aids have “T-Coils” or how to use them, please check with your audiologist or hearing aid dispenser.

Our loop system meets the current OSHA and other requirements.  It provides a peak audio magnetic field of 400 Milliamperes-Per-Meter (MA/M).  If you are a patron who has had hearing aids for a long time and you think the loop is too loud, that’s because the “old” standard for magnetic field strength was 100 MA/M.  If someone has old hearing aids with a T-Coil amplification set to work with a 100 MA/M, the current standard will sound much louder, because it is!  The new standard is 16 times the power of the old standard  (400/100 squared).
<July 2020>


The Cell is Now Looped!

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