The Seven

THE SEVEN is FUSION's 10th annual short works festival.
The 2015 theme:  "UNFINISHED BUSINESS".


The jury process has been completed and below are the winning entries.

This year the festival received 852 scripts from 41 states and nine countries.

THANK YOU to all of the playwrights that submitted, and we sincerely appreciated your patience as we diligently took the time to provide the attention that each script rightly deserved.

Important dates:
June 4th-14th:  Performance dates of THE SEVEN.
June 10th: Performance of THE 2nd SEVEN.
June 15th:  Winner of the Audience Choice Award announced. 
Location:  The Cell Theatre, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

THE SEVEN is one of the nation's premiere short works festivals.  It features seven fully produced world-premieres, utilizing seven different directors and a professional ensemble cast.  The scripts are read by a jury of theatre professionals (blindly, without any identification of the playwright) and the seven highest scoring scripts will be produced.  The overall Jury Award-winner will receive transportation to and lodging at the festival.  The Audience Choice Award-winner will be announced on June 15.

This year, in honor of the festival's 10th anniversary, FUSION is holding "The 2nd Seven", which will be a one-night reading on June 10th of the seven plays that finished 8th - 14th in the jury voting. 

The winners:


Jury Award-Winner
THE REFRIGERATOR by Wendy Biller, Los Angeles, CA

FINAL WORDS by Drew Lane, Victoria, Australia
DANGLING PARTICIPLES by Jeffrey Neuman, Denver, CO
FLIP by Jonathan Yukich, Hamden, CT
THE HARSH by Alex Dremann, Philadelphia, PA
SUNGLASSES by Kelli Burton, Brooklyn, NY
CHERRY by C. Gregory Thompson, Glendale, CA

"All of This Would Be Easier With Flying Cars"
by Stacy D. Flood, Redmond, WA
"Patrick Swayze is Dead" by James Hutchison, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
"May Tag" by Thomas W. Stephens, Washington, D.C.
"Improbable Encounter" by Ann Bendan, Jemez Springs, NM
"Drag" by Jay Koepke, Chicago, IL
"Early Morning" by Alix Hudson, Santa Fe, NM
"A Shared View" by Mary Caroline Rogers, Tucson, AZ

"To His Heart" by Sean M. Wagner, Chicago, IL
"Cockpit" by William Baer, Wayne, NJ
"Slut" by Nayna Agrawal, Evanston, IL
"The Library of the Unfinished" by Peter Meads, Sacramento, CA
"Rewriting Memories" by Kristin Perkins, Provo, UT

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